Method 103 of being productive: concentrate your focus on focusing

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Trying to accomplish something that matters? For the first time? You’re going to be a hardworking person, nothing will stop your enthusiasm. Day by day, your dare becomes stronger, the target is getting almost done accurately on time fulfilled with high quality. Then, gradually you’re toast! Your finish is awful and cannot go on the listed missions that are accumulated. Justifying your failure with “I will do it tomorrow cause I have had enough and I’ve got to recharge the power for future tasks”. In this context why we are still wondering about reasons? Is it true that our belief becomes weak? And again why did I lose my power although everything was moving forward with huge success and extra achievements?

Hence where is the issue? Is it related to tasks or do we have a problem with progressing the tasks? To sum up, let’s return back to the big image attempting to process it clearly step by step! Say it again “step by step”. Alright, the first deal is here to calm your down. Why we cannot admit our human nature “human can’t commit multi-tasks at once’”, and plainly how do you want to measure someone’s success? We look at his\her values right. So think about itquantity versus quality”.

In my point of view, people need to distinguish between these terms. for instance, when you read a book the important case that appears in your mind is “the deadline” and there is no doubt that you have to set a time for finishing, but what about the elements you end up with them. I mean, if I ask you what do you think about the book’s ideas? What really matches with your thoughts? What information do you come up with? And what attracts you in this book? lots of questions I've asked my friend about in his answers was too fair “it was too long! It takes me weeks to finish reading that book, yet it is worth it” he said. My turn now, so any comments about the book? I asked. “Nothing to be mentioned at the moment but it was great” he responds. Yeah, I know that it’s an open question and he has the right to reply with several answers but the case again is “spending weeks of reading one book and what you care about and catch your attention was the book’s pages!” seriously.

let me make it short for you.

It’s a little bit mysterious and I hope you can get it fast, point two: focus on being an influencer not just a social media influencer who has 1m followers.

Another tip that said, “don’t execute all tasks at once, you may have many days in the future”. Leave tomorrow’s tasks for tomorrow.

# in order, take one bite, have it, chew it, swallow it, then another bait, until you finish sandwich number 1.




[<CS-👨🏻‍💻>] Logician, thinker, dreamer. Interested in < tech/business><psychology/philosophy> #a smurf 👽#Seeking to motivate others to turn on their minds.

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Yasser Mutwakil | ياسر متوكل

Yasser Mutwakil | ياسر متوكل

[<CS-👨🏻‍💻>] Logician, thinker, dreamer. Interested in < tech/business><psychology/philosophy> #a smurf 👽#Seeking to motivate others to turn on their minds.

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